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  1. Roswell 1x01 Pilot
  2. Roswell 1x02 The Morning After
  3. Roswell 1x03 Monsters
  4. Roswell 1x04 Leaving Normal
  5. Roswell 1x05 Missing
  6. Roswell 1x06 285 South
  7. Roswell 1x07 River Dog
  8. Roswell 1x08 Blood Brothers
  9. Roswell 1x09 Heat Wave
  10. Roswell 1x10 The Balance
  11. Roswell 1x11 The Toy House
  12. Roswell 1x12 Into the Woods
  13. Roswell 1x13 The Convention
  14. Roswell 1x14 Blind Date
  15. Roswell 1x15 Independence Day
  16. Roswell 1x16 Sexual Healing
  17. Roswell 1x17 Crazy
  18. Roswell 1x18 Tess, Lies, and Videotape
  19. Roswell 1x19 Four-Square
  20. Roswell 1x20 Max to the Max
  21. Roswell 1x21 The White Room
  22. Roswell 1x22 Destiny