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  1. Eureka 3x09 Welcome Back Carter
  2. Eureka 3x10 Your Face or Mine
  3. Eureka 3x11 Insane in the P-Brane
  4. Eureka 3x12 It's Not Easy Being Green
  5. Eureka 3x13 If You Build It...
  6. Eureka 3x14 Ship Happens
  7. Eureka 3x15 Shower the People
  8. Eureka 3x16 You Don't Know Jack
  9. Eureka 3x17 Have an Ice Day
  10. Eureka 3x18 What Goes Around Comes Around
  11. Eureka 3x04 I Do Over
  12. Eureka 4x01 Founder's Day
  13. Eureka 4x02 A New World
  14. Eureka 4x03 All the Rage
  15. Eureka 4x04 The Story of O2
  16. Eureka 4x05 Crossing Over
  17. Eureka 4x06 Momstrosity
  18. Eureka 4x07 Stoned
  19. Eureka 4x08 The Ex-files
  20. Eureka 4x09 I'll Be Seeing You
  21. Eureka 4x10 O Little Town
  22. Eureka 4x11 Liftoff
  23. Eureka 4x12 Reprise
  24. Eureka 4x13 Glimpse
  25. Eureka 4x14 Up in the Air
  26. Eureka 4x15 Omega Girls
  27. Eureka 4x16 Of Mites and Men
  28. Eureka 4x17 Clash of the Titans
  29. Eureka 4x18 This One Time at Space Camp...
  30. Eureka 4x19 One Small Step
  31. Eureka 4x20 One Giant Leap
  32. Eureka 5x01 Lost
  33. Eureka 5x02 The Real Thing
  34. Eureka 5x03 Force Quit