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  1. Cosmos 1x01 The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
  2. Cosmos 1x02 One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue
  3. Cosmos 1x03 Harmony of the Worlds
  4. Cosmos 1x04 Heaven and Hell
  5. Cosmos 1x05 Blues for a Red Planet
  6. Cosmos 1x06 Travellers' Tales
  7. Cosmos 1x07 The Backbone of Night
  8. Cosmos 1x08 Travels in Space and Time
  9. Cosmos 1x09 The Lives of the Stars
  10. Cosmos 1x10 The Edge of Forever
  11. Cosmos 1x11 The Persistence of Memory
  12. Cosmos 1x12 Encyclopedia Galactica
  13. Cosmos 1x13 Who Speaks for Earth?