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  1. Reaper 2x01 Episode IV: A New Hope
  2. Reaper 2x02 Dirty Sexy Mongol
  3. Reaper 2x03 The Sweet Science
  4. Reaper 2x04 The Favorite
  5. Reaper 2x05 I Want My Baby Back
  6. Reaper 2x06 Underbelly
  7. Reaper 2x07 The Good Soil
  8. Reaper 2x08 The Home Stretch
  9. Reaper 2x09 No Reaper Left Behind
  10. Reaper 2x10 My Brother's Reaper
  11. Reaper 2x11 To Sprong, With Love
  12. Reaper 2x12 Business Casualty
  13. Reaper 2x13 The Devil & Sam Oliver