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  1. Virtuality: 6/26, 8PDT
  2. Virtuality: 6/26, 8EDT/7CDT
  3. The Pacific 1x01 Guadalcanal/Leckie
  4. The Pacific 1x02 Basilone
  5. The Pacific 1x03 Melbourne
  6. The Pacific 1x04 Gloucester/Pavuvu/Banika
  7. The Pacific 1x05 Peleliu Landing
  8. The Pacific 1x06 Peleliu Airfield
  9. The Pacific 1x07 Peleliu Hills
  10. The Pacific 1x08 Iwo Jima
  11. The Pacific 1x09 Okinawa
  12. The Pacific 1x10 Home
  13. Happy Town 1x01 In This Home on Ice
  14. Happy Town 1x02 I Come to Haplin for the Waters
  15. Happy Town 1x03 Polly Wants a Crack at Her
  16. Happy Town 1x04 Slight of Hand
  17. Happy Town 1x05 This is Why We Stay
  18. Happy Town 1x06 Questions and Antlers
  19. Happy Town 1x07 Dallas Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  20. Happy Town 1x08 Blame it on Rio Bravo
  21. The Gates "Pilot" @ 10 PM ET/7 PM PT
  22. The Gates 1x02 What Lies Beneath
  23. The Gates 1x03 Breach
  24. The Gates 1x04 The Monster Within
  25. The Event 1x01 I Haven't Told You Everything
  26. The Event 1x02 To Keep Us Safe
  27. The Event 1x03 Protect Them from the Truth
  28. The Event 1x04 A Matter of Life and Death
  29. The Event 1x05 Casualties of War
  30. Surprise Frak: J.J. Abrams' Undercovers - Pilot @ 8 PM ET
  31. $#*! my Shat says 1X01 9/23 8:30 PM ET
  32. No Ordinary Family 1x01 Pilot
  33. No Ordinary Family 1x02 No Ordinary Marriage
  34. No Ordinary Family 8pm ET
  35. The Event 1x06 Loyalty
  36. The Event 1x07 I Know Who You Are
  37. The Event 1x08 For the Good of Our Country
  38. No Ordinary Family 1x05 No Ordinary Quake 8 pm
  39. The Event 1x09 Your World to Take
  40. The Event 1x10 Everything Will Change
  41. The Cape 1x01-02 Pilot/Tarot
  42. The Cape 1x03 Bluebeard
  43. The Cape 1x04 Dice
  44. The Cape 1x05 'KOZMO'
  45. The Cape 1x06 Scales on a Train
  46. The Cape 1x07 Cape's Day Off
  47. The Cape 1x08 Ghosts of Palm City
  48. Terra Nova Pilot Frak Party
  49. Terra Nova 1x03 Instinct
  50. Terra Nova 1x04 What Remains
  51. Terra Nova 1x05 The Runaway