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The Alpaca Herder
March 8th, 2008, 01:09 AM
Well, I was supposed to be traveling to the Caribbean for a job interview Thursday. One of two stop-over points was Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. From there I was supposed to head to San Juan and then make my way to my final destination.

My flight in to DFW went well enough. I was half-asleep still due to the early hour of departure. The odd news started with news that the connection to San Juan was cancelled due to the plane being struck by lightning and no aircraft being available to replace it.

After a wait of a few hours I wound up with my trip to the Caribbean shut down. I got booked on a flight back to Las Vegas. One look out the window showed that there was snow falling.

I got to spend the night at DFW. Such was not all that wonderful. In the terminal where I was hiding out staying on the carpet. I was unable to get a cot or blanket but in retrospect that's okay. Most folks I encountered who slept on cots complained heavily about getting a bad night's sleep. I actually slept well for as long as I could pull that off.

After a pretty long Friday I finally made it on a flight home. It took a while but it happened. I am waiting on missing baggage still.

With the re-route happening one of my first thoughts was to inquire if I could join any of the GWC Three for dinner. Heck, I was willing, within reason, to buy. I cannot have alcohol for a variety of reasons but that is not something to hold things back completely.

This all gets re-run in two weeks perhaps. I have to wait for word from the potential employer about whether or not they wish to proceed again. If I have a longer layover I hope to be able to try again at dinner...or lunch...or who knows what.

For some reason the past 48 hours have reminded me so much of the episode known as "Black Market". It's just one of those things.

March 8th, 2008, 01:41 AM
I actually heard your call just a bit ago as I was organizing calls for this week's 'cast, and I'm sorry I received it too late. Still, a Thursday night meetup would've been difficult -- for the same reason you were stranded. We received between four and nine inches of snow yesterday -- more snow than I've seen in Texas since I was a child. Unlike Northern cities, Dallas isn't really prepared for this kind of snowfall, so the best course of action (if possible) is to stay home and wait it out.

I also recently traded my many-year-old Jeep for a more fuel-efficient new Honda -- another reason to sit at home by the fire.

Still, it's a bummer we couldn't put something together. Thanks for trying, and I'm glad to hear you're safely home.

March 8th, 2008, 10:36 AM
All I know is that I remember back when the airlines would pay for your hotel stay when something like this happened. Those bastards are trying to stick their customers with ALL of their bills now. I'm sorry you had to go through that, AH, and hope your employer understands and that you end up getting the job anyway.