View Full Version : Now in (THX) theaters: GWC Theme Remixer scored the new THX trailer

November 21st, 2007, 08:51 AM
Hey folks. If you see a movie in a THX-cerftified theater any time soon, you'll likely hear the work of one Joe Minadeo -- the good gentleman who remixed the GWC theme for the outtro music that now closes the podcast.

The 40-second trailer is called "Amazing Life." The music was written and performed by Low in The Sky -- http://myspace.com/lowinthesky . They're an instrumental melodic-soundscape group, which features Minadeo, who dropped the beat into the GWC theme and looped it.

The band wrote the trailer music for a company called eyestorm productions, which spun off from some indie movie company called Lucasfilm. For now, the trailer is online only at StarWars.com, but it's in a section for paying members only. The trailer's in 3000 theaters across the country.

If you're go to a THX theater, the trailer looks like this:


It's a nifty clip that takes place in an alien landscape, where different noise-making life-forms join together in a symphony, leading up to that famous THX hummmmmm.

The outtro mix is just a little slice & dice job that Mr. Minadeo threw together quickly as a favor for me. They're actually very capable musician-producers. You can check out Low in the Sky's latest album, "We're All Counting on You, William" at http://www.patternbased.com . It's a digital-based indie label run by Minadeo. For my tastes, the band makes excellent, evocative background music that's simultaneously engaging -- but not distracting.

November 10th, 2008, 05:21 PM
This THX "Amazing Life" trailer is now on DVD -- it precedes the new batch of Indiana Jones discs. It's also on the YouTube now: