View Full Version : A couple scattered references

December 22nd, 2007, 04:21 AM
I love that the term 'sode for minisode/webisode has stuck. minisode and webisode kind of grate on my ears, but somehow 'sode is just funny and fitting. Anyway, I just started watching Wonderfalls and they use the term 'sode to refer to a fainting episode that the main character had. The mom says 'sode so seriously and it cracks me up every time. Did you guys intend for 'sode to be a Wonderfalls reference?

Also, I was rewatching an old episode of Gilmore Girls, Road Trip to Harvard. Rory and Lorelai stay at a bed and breakfast, and the scary floral wallpaper is yellow. They hole up in the room to avoid mingling with the other guests and at one point Lorelai sits and ponders the wallpaper. She thinks the flowers have multiplied during the night. She writes in the guestbook "Satanic forces are at work here." This seems to be a reference to a story mentioned in a podcast, The Yellow Wallpaper. The dialog in Gilmore Girls is full of all kinds of references, but they didn't name that particular story. So I felt smart that I noticed and wanted to mention since it was because of the podcast that I even heard about and read the story. XD