I'm super bummed. Word came out yesterday that perennially-run-by-idiots-network NBC decided to pull the plug on Timeless. Was the show perfect? No - it did have some issues in the characterization and plotting (as I've mentioned here before) but there was nothing about those that was fatal. Yes, like all freshman shows (genre or otherwise) it suffered from a major drop in viewings from the pilot to the season finale, but apparently it still grabbed close to 5 million pairs of eyeballs per episode. Like all network shows nowadays, it was at the mercy of executive short-sightedness and impatience, myopathy, and seemingly incurable, continual stupid adherence to an obsolete system of measurement.

If only NBC Universal had an affiliated network that they could shift production of a time travel show to - someplace ostensibly geared towards science-fiction based programming. (I doubt they'll be smart enough to do for Timeless what they did for Merlin, which enjoyed several more seasons of life on SyFy to the point that it survived long enough for a series finale. SyFy can find room for one more genre show with an already built-in audience...like I said, it probably won't happen, but right now all I can do is dream. Still super bummed.)