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Looking at Team Galactic Watercooler stats, we have 101 members but only 41 of us are active. If you're on the team please check to see if you have Boinc running!

If it interferes with other things you are doing with your computer you can always exit it and just load it again when you are done and going to be away from the computer for awhile.

Go Team Galactic Watercooler!
Six year update: Not found E.T. yet, membership of GWC team up to 128 members - but down to 7 active members.

We're now in the top 5% of all teams.

Based on this comprehensive dataset (I used both points) I have taken the liberty of predicting how we'll be looking in another six years:

Looking at how many of us are still going to be running Seti@home in 2023 is a bit depressing, but I think we can say with confidence that as long as the GWC forum remains as active as we were in 2011, we'll have over 150 members by 2023 - so well done us!